Circle Pro

A Case of Beautiful

A mini-itx case with liquid cooling as standard. Meticulously made from solid blocks of CNC machined aluminium and glass. Build your perfect system in Circle Pro.

"It's honestly like Apple built a custom ITX case"
- Dave2D


Quality to the Core

The Circle Pro frame has been meticulously engineered to be equally beautiful inside and out. Stainless steel, CNC machined aluminium and heat tempered glass combine with micrometre precision to form a solid, simple frame. The design is timeless, and so is the build quality.


Quiet Confidence

Circle Pro is designed to be quiet. Enlisting four silent fans, the case creates strong airflow through large vents at the base through two layers of dust filters. Even at 100% workload the machine runs quietly thanks to the 4mm thick glass panels which muffle operating noise. The solid aluminium body distributes heat as hot air is vented from over one thousand holes in the top panel.

AIO Support

Liquid Cooled

Circle Pro is designed from the ground up to prioritise CPU cooling. That’s why we designed it to use high performance liquid cooling as standard. The cooler you can keep your processor, the faster it runs.


Purely Engineered

We believe details make the difference. For instance, the height and width of the case are that of a perfect square. When assembled, Circle Pro has no visible screws or GPU bracket, and a toolless 2.5" drive bay and PSU shroud come together to make an incredibly clean build.

"From the manufacturing quality point of view, this is the most premium case on the market"
- Dan, Dan Cases


(H) 292.9 x
(D) 292.9 x
(W) 136.9mm

Volume / Weight
11L, 3.9kg


2.1 slot up to 213mm long

Power Supply

2 x 2.5" HDD/SSD + M2

Liquid Cooling
240 mm AIO. Dimensions: 278mm x 120mm x 30 mm. Low profile radiator screws supplied.

CPU heatsink
Up to 53mm

2 x standard full height 120mm fans on the radiator. 2 x SLIM fans at the bottom of the case, maximum height: 15mm. We recommend Noctua NF-A12x15

Circle Pro

An uncompromising vision for what a computer case should be. Liquid cooling combined with pristine machined aluminium and glass. Build your perfect system with Circle Pro.