Circle Pro

The ultimate modular desktop computer.

Circle Pro is an expandable, powerful computer that’s beautiful inside and out. Just bring your own display, keyboard, mouse and you’re ready to do amazing things.

Pro Desktop

Powerful, yet quiet. Modular, yet elegantly compact. A system that shines from within - and one you can access and upgrade in an instant. We packed smart design and advanced technology into an aluminium and glass construction with extraordinary precision. It’s a unique workstation made to sit on your desk - not under it.

Content Creation Powerhouse

Circle Pro makes content creation a snap with the latest Intel processors, dedicated graphics and super fast PCIE flash storage. Seamlessly install additional drives in seconds with our clever, tool-less design. And with the latest wireless capabilities and connectivity options including Thunderbolt 3, USB 3 and HDMI, Circle Pro is the perfect hub for your creative workflow.

Fully Modular

Replace components whenever you want. Upgrading made easy.

High Achiever

Top-of-the-line desktop parts for incredible performance.

Simply Beautiful

Precision-machined from aluminium and glass. Elegant from every angle.

Dedicated Graphics

Compatible with the newest cards, Circle Pro always stays cutting edge.

A New Class of Compact Workstation

Bulky tower desktops are a thing of the past. With just 11 litres in volume, Circle Pro packs in more power than its predecessors at a fraction of the size. It's the ultimate modular computer.

Super Compact

Packed with top-end desktop parts and advanced cooling. Less than the height of a classroom ruler.

Premium Materials

Machined from heat-treated, anodised aluminium and tempered black glass.

Inner Beauty

With no visible screws, Circle Pro’s inner beauty shines through its glass panels.

Designed to Last

Upgrade components anytime and keep your Circle Pro running for years to come.

Advanced Cooling, Smart Design

A powerful computer needs a powerful cooling system. Otherwise, an overheated machine will cope by ‘throttling'- cutting power to its components and dramatically reducing performance.

That’s why we started with the most powerful cooler on the market and designed the computer around it. Circle Pro’s advanced liquid cooling system keeps the processor running at incredible speeds without overheating and fan noise. You won't believe how quiet it is, even under full load.

Cable Management

No more clutter. A power supply shroud provides room for excess cable runs.

Advanced Thermals

Cool air is pulled from the base and expelled through the top of the case, cooling every component along the way.

Expandable Storage

Circle Pro comes with super-fast flash storage as standard and the freedom to install additional internal drives.

Clearly Accessible

Tempered glass side-panels attach magnetically for easy access. It’s a window to the system inside.

Storage Options


Every Circle Pro comes standard with onboard PCIE M.2 NVME storage for incredible system performance. Choose capacity from 250GB up to 2TB. Utilise the provided additional slots yourself for future upgrades.

Add up to 3 x additional 2.5" SATA drives via seamless, tool-less installation. Choose SSD drives for faster data access, or traditional HDD drives for up to 6TB capacity.*

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