Circle Pro

Performance Condensed.

Save thousands by building your own computer. We provide the case and instructions, you buy the parts. Get power and flexibility, save time and money.

How it works:
Plan your build
We provide the Circle Pro case and a guide to help you build your own computer.
Plan your build
Buy your parts
We provide a shopping list. You buy parts from online retailers. Get full transparency.
Buy your parts
You assemble Circle Pro. Gain flexibility, power, and make the ultimate desktop computer.
Step 1.
Plan your build
Don't know where to start? Plan a powerful Circle Pro system to your needs with our simple walkthrough guide. We do extensive research on each component and break it down into a clear, concise summary. Skip conflicting online guides, and get reliable advice.
Get the guide
Step 2.
Buy your parts
We make it simple by providing you a shopping list of the parts you need from respected online providers - fully compatible and tested, you don’t have to worry about incompatibilities. Just get your shopping list and go.
See recommended build lists
Step 3.
Assemble Circle Pro
With our clear step-by-step guide, assembling your Circle Pro is easy and fun. All you need is a single screwdriver (which we supply). Build your own powerful machine ready for anything.
View assembly guide
Circle Pro Case
We designed Circle Pro to be a beautiful, compact platform for your perfect build. Made from meticulously crafted aluminium and glass, we've pored over every detail to make a next generation desktop you will be proud to have on your desk.