Circle Pro Release Info

Circle Pro Release Info

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At Circle Studio, we're committed to making the best modular computer in the world. However, completely rethinking the desktop doesn’t just happen overnight.

Rolling out a brand-new, totally niche product like Circle Pro takes time and care. To make sure we deliver the best possible user experience, we've decided to take things slow. We want to grow an organic community and make sure our customers get 24/7 support, rather than risk falling into the crowdfunding trap.

What’s the crowdfunding trap?

Some people have asked why we’re not launching with crowdfunding. The answer is simple: our product is unique and we want to create the best customer experience possible. To do that, it’s important to scale in a controlled way.

If we run a Kickstarter and sell thousands of our custom, made-to-order units, all our energy will be focused on executing delivery, rather than delivering high-quality service to our growing community of Circle Pro users.

So how are we rolling out Circle Pro?

We’ll start by rolling out custom, built-to-order Circle Pro units in small batches, using a simple reservation system.

To be the first to get your hands on a Circle Pro, all you need to do is sign up to a reservation ticket here. When it’s your turn to order, you’ll be notified by email straight away.

We can’t wait to share Circle Pro with you.