Why Desktops Still Matter

Why Desktops Still Matter

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As smartphones get more sophisticated, everyone assumes future computers will be small-scale and mobile. But what about the people making high-quality large-scale content?

In the future, smartphones and devices will replace computers for many - that’s why all the big companies are looking to dominate the mobile market. It’s an arms race to provide the device that most people spend the majority of their time on.

It’s true that mobile devices are growing increasingly sophisticated. As technology accelerates, some prosumers may even end up using a mobile device for tasks like feature film editing, 3D modelling, and animation.

The big companies know this, which is why Apple and Microsoft have dropped almost everything to focus on owning mobile. But in their rush to dominate the mobile market, they’ve forgotten about a smaller, but critical, customer base: the professionals and creatives making the content for everyone else.

Content creators make high-quality, large-scale content - and they need much more than a smartphone to get it done. Even as mobile devices advance, there’s still a huge gap between their content creation capabilities and the highly-technical workflows that professionals need to deliver amazing content.

Workstations are the workhorses of the computing world. And for professionals and creatives, they will always matter - because they can handle heavy data processing without breaking a sweat.

By focusing so much on mobile and mass consumers, the big players have left their biggest supporters behind: the technical experts, the artists, the tinkerers, the visionaries. And in a mobile-focused market, these professionals are crying out for the high-quality technical tools that they need to do high-level work.

The future of desktop

Content creators still need powerful tools. Machines that are cost-effective, while pushing the maximum performance with cutting-edge components - the kind of cost-to-performance ratio that only comes from desktop-class components.

Of course, in a computer market increasingly dominated by sleek, small-scale devices, desktop computers also need to adapt. They need to be light, elegant and expandable - all without compromising on power.

That’s why Circle Studio is dedicated to rethinking the desktop. We believe in supporting professional content creators by delivering a beautiful, modular and powerful machine to carry them into the future.

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