Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Circle Studio?
We’re a small company focused on making the best, most beautiful, modular computer in the world.
+ What's unique about Circle Pro?
We've taken the time to think of every detail that goes into building the most focused desktop experience and have made it accessible and expandable to everyone. We especially understand the needs of creative professionals, so we’ve combined true modularity with clever, tool-less design that allows you to upgrade individual components easily. If you need a workhorse computer to get stuff done with minimal hassle, Circle Pro is for you.
+ What can you upgrade?
We want your Circle Pro to grow with you, which is why it’s completely upgradeable and expandable. Upgrade any component, from the power supply, motherboard, CPU, RAM and graphics card.

We’ve also made it quick and easy to expand your internal storage so you’ll never need expensive, bulky hard drives again.  Just pop off the magnetically-attached side-panel to swap in a new internal drive. In the Light and Standard models, there is 1 x NVME SSD slot for the system drive and 2 x SATA expansion slots. The Plus model has 3 x NVME SSD slots, and 2 x SATA.
+ What OS is supported?
We provide a copy of Windows 10 Home edition when you buy a Circle Pro. Windows is currently the default for many creative platforms, with support for the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite and professional applications for design, modelling, video production, game design, VR, 3D and CAD. Beyond this, you can use any other compatible operating system.
+ What ports does it have?
We are using standard off-the-shelf mini-itx motherboards for Circle Pro. Every manufacturer makes subtle variations on this standard, so your i/o will depend on the exact motherboard model. Currently, our Light and Standard models are using a modified ASRock Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac - and our Plus model uses an AsRock X299E-ITX/ac.
+ Does it support Thunderbolt 2 / 3?
Yes! The Light and Standard models both support a single USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port which can be daisy-chained to support multiple devices. Please note however, that whilst our Plus model also includes a USB-C port, it does not support Thunderbolt at this time.
+ What about thermal performance?
Circle Pro has been designed from the ground-up to be both incredibly powerful and incredibly quiet. We use an all-in-one liquid cooling system to push the CPU to its limits. On top of this, we use the industry's best cooling fans. This means no throttling, longer-lasting components, and a whisper-quiet system.
+ Is liquid cooling safe?
Some people who have worked with custom cooling loops before are concerned about leaks. We are using an industry-proven closed loop 'AIO' (all in one) system which is virtually leak proof, short of manually damaging the system. We chose liquid cooling, because we can achieve vastly superior cooling to every other comparably sized air-cooled workstation product on the market.
+ Do you offer a barebones 'case only' solution?
We've received a lot of feedback from people who want to build their own systems in Circle Pro. We are happy to announce that we are gearing up to offer a barebones product for system builders alongside our full systems soon. To be the first to know when it releases, sign up here.