Designer Josh Flowers just wanted a powerful, compact computer that he could upgrade anytime. Turns out, it didn't exist. So he designed it.

If you need a powerful computer, it can be tough to find a tool worth investing in. Let’s face it, most desktops on the market are either too expensive, bulky, difficult to upgrade - or just kind of ugly.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. A high-end desktop should come packed with top-of-the-line components that can be upgraded anytime. But as our smartphones get thinner, we also want computers that are elegant and compact. The kind of machine you’d display proudly on your desk, instead of shoved under it.

So why can’t computers be modular, powerful and beautiful? With smart design, they totally can be.

Circle Studio exists because we needed a new kind of desktop.

We’re not one of the big guys - we’re a small team in Copenhagen, Denmark. We build your computer to order and assemble in-house. That means you’re getting a customised desktop, hand-assembled by a dedicated team passionate about making the ultimate creative tool.

Our size means we can be more agile than the bigger players - we upgrade our technology faster, support the latest hardware, and never cheap out on components to make a buck. We build your computer as if it were our own and we never ship anything we’re not proud of.

We’re not just a computer company, we’re a company making the next generation of high-end desktop computers - built to last.

Circle Studio founder Josh Flowers with the first Circle Pro prototype, 2017.